Trustee-Tamsyn’s story

Working with love hope trust to help give hope to people with cancer is hugely important to me. I didn’t think that in my 30s I would know close friends and family who have suffered with this disease, that targets anyone of any age, but I do. When the news arrives, you feel hopeless, there is little that you can do to help. Love Hope Trust however changes that, it’s offering another avenue for people who feel there is no hope. That feeling is immeasurable not only for the person needing the treatment, but to everyone around them. 

This trust, that has seen Rachel been given a chance, strives to raise funds and awareness for other people on the same situation. 

In my career in PR, marketing and social media, I have been privileged enough to work on many charity events, as well as voluntarily with Total Dance through zumbathon over a number if years. I aim to bring these skills combined with my passion to be part of this wonderful trust, to offer hope to patients and their loved ones through fundraising and making as many people as we can, aware of Love Hope Trust.



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