Thanks to you, we can help people like Sandra.

  I am so pleased to find the Love Hope Trust and especially so, now that I’ve discovered that Rachel Carrack who inspired the inception of the Trust, has been undergoing the same treatment as me, with successful outcomes.
I was diagnosed in Nov 2011, after spending six months of being unwell and the Doctors treating me like I was some neurotic woman, even putting me through the mental health dept, because they couldn’t find out what was wrong with me! They only discovered that I had stage III Ovarian Cancer by accident, when they were doing a colonoscopy. My Cancer has spread to my abdominal wall and because it is a rare calcified kind, it has meant that it is very difficult to remove, so they have not done any operations on me., I had six rounds of regular chemo back in Dec 2011 and this did nothing. I was even more annoyed to be told 18 months on that this would have had only 4-8% chance of working ! After that I was pretty much left to my own devices and have devoted the majority of my time to pursuing as many alternative approaches as possible, including a grueling two months of Gerson therapy. 

I don’t have a partner and myself and my two children, Ruben 10 and Emily 19, moved in with my 83 year old Mother as soon as I was diagnosed in 2011. My greatest aim is to get back to independent living, as it has impacted all our lives and is a situation that can not go on indefinitely! I have been unable to work during this time , as I have periods of collapse, where my limbs and speech go completely and I am reliant on benefits to pay for the multitude of supplements and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture. My Mum subsidises our general living expenses, so that I can do this also.

Last Summer I attended the Back2Health conference in Exeter and it was there that I learnt about the wonderful results that Professor Vogl in Frankfurt was getting, with even, terminal Cancer Patients. I contacted Gordon Ross, who had told his incredible story and found out how to go about this. I have now had three TACE treatments with Prof Vogl, but with each one costing well over £4000, it has meant a lot of fund raising in order to achieve this. I set up a Facebook Page called “Sandra’s Cancer is Pants Page” and a JustGiving site and people have been wonderful helping with donations. We have raised about £16,000 so far, but obviously with the three treatments, this is now nearly gone. The donations seem to have slowed up now and I am desperately looking for new ways to raise funds, as my pot of money being held by the Charity “Yes to Life” is starting to look empty and I’m not sure I will have enough funds to even cover the next treatment that is booked for the 17th August. I am also undergoing Hyperthermia and Insulin treatment at another clinic, while I am in Frankfurt to hopefully increase the results of the Professor’s Treatment.

My First TACE treatment showed a 5% reduction in activity of the tumour he is treating, but with the additional treatment, I achieved a 10-15% reduction in activity when he discussed my second result. (They cant see shrinkage, because of the calcification!) This additional treatment is about another £500 each time. My original target was to raise £40,000.. This is an incredibly large sum to raise and a daunting task, so I would be grateful for any contributions you feel able to make in order to help me continue with these treatments. I am so encouraged that after 4 years of being unwell, I’m finally making some progress and it would mean everything to me and my family to achieve this. Ultimately I still have the aim of becoming Cancer Free some day and I know wonderful people like you, will help me to get there.

Thank you so much for considering me with your Trust.

Warm wishes

Sandra Locke. x               

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